Français | Polski
Cold Cuts / Deli Meats
Polish Ham Debreziner Sausage
Pork Loin Cooked Country Sausage
Pork Loin Smoked Krakowska Dry Sausage
Gammon Ring Krakowska Cooked & Smoked Sausage
Roll Bacon Polish White Raw Sausage
Farmer's Bacon Wieners
Cooked Ham Sausage Knackwurst
Smoked Ham Sausagee Smoked Ribs
Head Cheese Smoked Pig Knuckle
Blood pudding Turkey
Kabanosy Smoked Kassler (smoked pork with ribs)
Kabanosy Dry Ready Make Schnitzel
Frozen Food Take Out
Pearl Barley Soup
Pea Soup
Tripes Soup
Cabbage Rolls
Bigos (Saurkraft with Sausages)
12 Pierogies with Cottage Cheese & Potatoes
12 Pierogies with Potatoes & Onions
12 Pierogies with Saurkraft & Mushrooms
12 Pierogies with Meat
12 Pierogies with Strawberries
12 Pierogies with Sour Cherries
12 Potatoe Noodles
12 Potatoe Dumplings
Home Made Pastry & Cakes
Apple Cake (Szarlotka)  
Cheese Cake (Sernik)  
Cake with Rubarb & Cherries  
Mazurek (Poppy Sead & Farmers Cheese)  

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