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Lunch Menu
Ham & Cheese Sandwich & Coffee  
Turkey & Cheese Sandwich with Coffee  
Soup Sandwich & Coffee  
Sandwich 3 Meats, Dessert & Coffee  
Soup of the Day served with Bread  
8 Pierogies served with Salad  
Cabbage Rolls  
Bigos (Saurkraft with Sausages)  
Borscht with 1 Croquette  
Borscht with 2 Croquettes  
Sausages Sandwich  
Polish Vegetable Salad  
Cotlets & Schnytzels  
Take Out Frozen Food
Pearl Barley Soup  
Pea Soup  
12 Pierogies with Cottage Cheese & Patates  
12 Pierogies with Patates & Onions  
12 Pierogies with Saurkraft & Mushrooms  
12 Pierogies with Meat  
12 Pierogies with Strawberries  
12 Pierogies with Sour Cherries  
12 Patato Noodles  
12 Patato Dumplings  
Hot Chocolate  
Soft Drinks  
Cakes & Pastries
Cheese Cake  
Poppy Sead Cake (Makowiec)  
Apple Cake (Szarlotka)  

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